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Become a member of Europe's largest franchise network for self-storage.

What does Homebox offer ?

Join our fast-growing network and benefit from our experience and know-how.
From over 22 years of self-storage and more than 10 years as a franchisor.

Selfstorage, a growing market

This market is growing rapidly in Germany and benefits from a growth rate of more than 20% per year. In the United States, only about 30 years after the commissioning of the first centre, networks have expanded rapidly and achieve a penetration of one location per 5,900 inhabitants. 

In the United Kingdom, the first European country to establish storage units, market penetration is also a key factor today. Location per 75,000 inhabitants.

In France, our motherland, there is currently one centre per 250,000 inhabitants. Selfstorage activity therefore offers promising perspectives, especially since the concept is becoming better and better known........

Who can become a HOMEBOX franchisee?

Anyone can become a HOMEBOX franchisee. 

We are among our franchisees, both building owners and entrepreneurs, who want to get involved in the adventure of self storage, or operators of independent self-storage locations who want to benefit from the strength of the HOMEBOX network.

Our activity can be regarded as a main or secondary activity.

About the HOMEBOX franchise

How long has the HOMEBOX network existed?

We opened our first store in 1996 and the brand was an instant success. 
Today we have over 120 centres in 4 countries (France, Switzerland, Germany and Spain).

What is HOMEBOX's position on the European market?

We are one of the leading providers of self-storage in Europe. 
Our achievement was to make the pace of development very sustainable in recent years.
Our know-how is now well established and the profitability of our centers is high.
One of the great strengths of our concept is that it can be adapted to small or very large areas. 
The area of a HOMEBOX centre thus varies between 500 m² and more than 7,000 m².

What does the HOMEBOX franchise offer me?

A global concept that encompasses the Selfstorage Center's layout, architecture and merchandising, so that you can benefit from the brand image of HOMEBOX. The HOMEBOX franchise is also the guarantee for a brand, which is recognised and appreciated by consumers, as well as trade and marketing know-how.

HOMEBOX also sells moving boxes for its franchisees through an economic accounting department and a reservation centre.

Training for the operation of a Selfstorage Center

Each franchisee receives an initial 3-week training course covering all aspects of the various trades, Alternating theory and practice: center management, debt collection, sales, management and marketing. We also offer trainings all year round and increase the possibilities for exchange.

We regard continuous further training as a strategic performance axis. So that every franchisee (and his employees) can improve his knowledge. or acquire new knowledge, we have founded the HOMEBOX Training School. This enables us to offer tailor-made training, that meet the needs of the network. Finally, we provide technical and logistical support during the opening of your center and monitor your activities on a regular basis: Visits, mystery shopping, telephone presence, national meetings.

A strong brand, supported by national advertising.

HOMEBOX has a powerful and very well referenced website.

Throughout the year we offer our franchisees a wide range of materials and ideas to stimulate their sales: catalogues, POS, posters, etc.

Support in the search for your future centre

We help our franchisees find their location because it is a fundamental element that is chosen together.

We are looking for centres that are as close as possible to busy streets in conurbations with more than 50,000 inhabitants. 

Support in the development of the Selfstorage Center

HOMEBOX sends each franchisee a set of standards to ensure that our architectural concept, our urban planning and safety standards are properly adhered to.

We put you in contact with service providers who can help you with the realization of your project, while the franchisee of course, has the free choice of the companies that carry out his work. 

We can also, if you wish, follow all your work (support of the promoter).

Key Figures and Key Figures

How big is a HOMEBOX location ?

A HOMEBOX agency can range from 500 m2 to 7,000 m2.

However, we are of the opinion that the income from your HOMEBOX activity does not enable you to do so only from a size of approx. 1500m², to make this your primary activity. Below that it offers a good opportunity for a part-time job.

How does the franchise contract work?

Monthly operating fee: 7% of turnover plus VAT.

Advertising fee: 3% of turnover plus VAT

Entrance fee: € 20 000 € plus VAT.

What is the profitability of a HOMEBOX project?

A HOMEBOX site is managed by a small staff (maximum 3 persons). 

After the typical initial losses in self-storage in the ramp-up phase, it offers regular and attractive cash flows with profitability, which can exceed 20% of the turnover.



Meet us!
Franchise Service
Email : franchise@homebox-lager.de

Or directcly fill in our online form: