Legal notes

The purpose of these legal notes is to provide you with clear information on the establishment managing the website, on the identity of the site's main managers, as well as the main technical stakeholders

Website manager:

The website is managed by HOMEBOX.

HOMEBOX is a public limited company with a capital of EUR 1,774,769. HOMEBOX Plc is registered on the NANTERRE trade register under number B 404 196 529

22-28 rue Henri Barbusse
92110 CLICHY

Site management:

Director of Publication

David Varet; Deputy Managing Director

Site creation:

The site was created by Agence Tuesday.
19 rue du Colisée 75008 Paris

Hosting and technical resources:

The website is hosted by Homebox.

The transaction server for the website is hosted by HOMEBOX

IT Department
22-28 rue Henri Barbusse
92110 CLICHY

Contact us:

Write to

HOMEBOX Webmaster
Direction informatique
22-28 rue Henri Barbusse
92110 CLICHY